PSI (Partnerships for Sustainable India) Energy – is a sustainable habitat and green buildings consultancy based in New Delhi. We provide sustainable habitat design solutions that are rooted in response to local context.

We also conduct certification-based, training programs for university students and industry professionals on green building and sustainable habitats design (including design, thermal comfort, lighting, HVAC, solar energy systems, GRIHA, ECBC, etc.)

We have experience with working on energy efficiency, water efficiency, GRIHA & ECBC-compliance since 2006. Through the years our team has collectively worked on over 200 projects in India and around the World.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Goals
  • Our Ways
We are Partnerships for Sustainable India (PSI).  In order to minimise the impact of anthropogenic activities on our surrounding, giving back to nature and living in harmony with our environment, we aspire to forge Local/Regional/National alliances for bringing sustainability in the built and unbuilt environment. We achieve this by imparting high quality innovative services for development of sustainable habitats, providing local and context specific sustainability solutions.  We envision that the concern and respect for our environment, and sustainability becomes a de-facto lifestyle choice.
Optimize building energy and resource consumption and create intensive research and training activities with university students and industry professionals via unparalleled experience, detailed computer-based simulations, and Energy Auditing & retrofitting. In other words, we help save money while protecting the environment. Our intensive research and training activities with university students and industry professionals help create and expand the environment in which we work from. We work to address two sides of building resource management

  • Demand Side Management- Reduce the building’s demand for energy/water/materials
  • Supply Side Management- Create alternative (renewable) sources for energy/water

Because buildings do not consume energy – People Do – when they are uncomfortable.

Therefore, we help design buildings in such a way that the people living in them are comfortable by design, and do not need to consume excess energy or water. Research and training in this help us create and expand the environment in which we work from.

AND, it saves money!! Lots of it!! For the people who build them as well as the people who live in them.

Start at design stage – much before your building is built. We sit with all the consultants involved in the project, and support them in optimizing their designs through experience, skills and specialized software programs. It saves money. Lots of it!!

Research and training is an integral part of what we do, it is an ongoing process to always keep creating, and expanding our vision. In turn it helps us develop our projects with the state of the art solutions.


Combined project experience of over 200 (Two Hundred) energy efficiency and green building projects

Un-beatable team in terms of expertise and experience

Clients spanning government and private sectors.

Multiple scale green building projects (residences to campuses), Spanning every conceivable climate zone of India, and every conceivable terrain type.